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Staffing News
Feb 20th - 2023

Where are all the good employees?

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Staffing News

Posted By : Peter Learn
February 20th, 2023

Where are all the good employees?

The current labor market is getting tighter and tighter. Qualified employees, especially with trades or technical backgrounds are getting harder to attract.

Skilled Trades Employees

How do employers compete in such a tight market? There are a number of ways to attract and retain top talent including:

  • Compensation: salary, benefits, pension, bonuses
  • Schedule: The majority of candidates want a dayshift
  • Stability and opportunity for growth: Both of these are becoming a harder sell. Most employees know that there is no such thing as permanent anymore and they are only as important as the bottom line
  • Work/Life balance: This is quickly becoming the most important decision for candidates looking to switch jobs. They want flexibility and the opportunity to be more involved in their life

I recently had a client who working to fill several positions in a very competitive industry. There were several aspects of this position including location and travel that made it less attractive than several competitors. The client advised that they were willing to pay top dollar and would beat out any competition.

After speaking with several candidates, it became clear that what they thought was top dollar was actually just industry standard. We worked together to review the cost of the positions being open versus the added cost of increasing the compensation range. It became clear that the only solution was to offer compensation that was in fact industry leading.

The client was able to onboard several qualified employees and expand their own client base.

With 15 years of industry experience, I can help to determine what your competitors are doing and help you compete for top talent.

Peter Learn
Peter Learn
National Accounts Manager
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