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Staffing News
July 4th - 2022

Should I work with a Staffing Agency?

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Staffing News

Posted By : Peter Learn
July 4th, 2022

Should I work with a Staffing Agency?

As we pass the second quarter and companies begin the process of gearing up for September and beyond, the job market is starting to heat up. In my decade's worth of experience in the Staffing industry I find that I often get asked the same questions. July's staffing news article will be the first in a series answering the question, "Should I work with a Staffing Agency?".

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What will an agency do for me?

An agency can be a very valuable tool in your job search if used correctly. Knowing what to expect can be half the battle in using your time most effectively. Staffing Agencies are hired and paid by companies to help them isolate qualified people for available positions.

Recruiters in turn contact qualified people and try to help match them up with the company. Since the company is the one footing the bill they will receive the majority of the recruiter's time.

If there is no active role for you within the staffing agency's available jobs, it's best to determine a communication schedule for following up and move on to either other recruiters or other employment resources.

Agencies generally have a sound knowledge of both the job and the employer that is hiring. A recruiter can share knowledge of not just the job description, but also of the company culture, industry positioning and types of people that do well in the organization. A good recruiter will help you prepare for an interview by providing tips on questions that will be asked and also on questions you can ask.

They can act as a sounding board for concerns that might have been a deal-breaker if you had applied for a job on your own, and can negotiate on your behalf.

Peter Learn
Peter Learn
National Accounts Manager
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