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Sales Recruitment

No sales means no business. Passionate, driven, well trained Salespeople are the lifeblood of any company. Retaining these people is always as challenging as attracting them.

Sales Recruitment Services

Sales Recruitment Services

Sales at different levels of the organization require different skills. With over a decade of sales staffing experience we will help you to not only make the right hire, but maintain it long-term.

Sales Hunters & Closers

From lead generation to sales management positions, Staffinity has the experience and the network to drive your sales success.

Our Ottawa client was having a hard time. They were trying to target salespeople from direct competitors. This was proving challenging as their industry is tight-knit and they did not want to alienate anyone.

We worked with them closely to understand the needs of the position and decided together that someone coming from a complimentary industry was the better choice.

Someone coming in with fresh eyes and the ability to think outside the box. Over time, this Staffinity candidate grew into a key performer both in her assigned territory, and then Nationally.

Our direct and no-nonsense approach, combined with an extensive inventory of pre-qualified, highly skilled full-time and temporary candidates will make sure we propose well-vetted hunters and closers.

Sales Training

Our sales candidates include ...

  • Inside Sales
  • Outside Sales
  • Account Managers
  • C-Level Sales Positions
  • Lead Generators
  • Sales Trainers
  • Technical Solution Specialists

Our bilingual recruitment services include ...

  • Temporary employees for filling short-term positions
  • Permanent long-term staffing assignments
  • Payroll services
Sales Positions

What can Staffinity's recruitment services provide?

  • Help to meet short and long-term needs
  • Talent management
  • Option of hiring permanent
  • Quick response time when the need to hire is critical
  • Help with opening a new facility
  • Replacement of existing employees
  • Working with cost constraints and time demands
  • Reduction in overtime cost
  • Decreasing your company’s overall recruitment cost
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Handling all employee payroll government remittances
  • Replacement guarantee

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