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Staffing News
May 3rd - 2022

Recruiting Fees : Where is the value ?

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Staffing News

Posted By : Peter Learn
May 3rd, 2022

Recruiting Fees : Where is the value ?

I often get asked this question by clients, friends and candidates who are generally interested in our industry. Sometimes I feel I get offended, and sometimes annoyed but then I remember that not everyone understands the industry and how recruiters operate.

Some feel we are expensive, but let me tell you we are the most cost effective recruitment strategy. Seasoned recruiters are always passively seeking talented individuals for open positions or future positions. I know I always strive to really get to understand the companies I'm working with to understand their culture and fit.

Recruiting Fees Where Is The Value

Consider the costs associated with advertising on different websites and the time to screen each-and-every resume that is received (and in today's economy the standard is 75 resumes per position).

Then there is the time associated with scheduling interviews and the interviews themselves followed by background screening, reference checking and the offer negotiation stage. For a company without a recruitment team, your position is open for on average of 5 weeks.

I utilize the job board and candidate databases on a regular basis. I actively speaks to many different candidates on a day to day basis and can present the top three candidates available for the position within one week. The offer stage can then begin because before you even receive the resumes professional references have already been completed.

Recruiters can also speed up the offer stage, by discussing packages prior to interviews. Recruiters may seem 'expensive', however in the end, we are saving your time, money and turnover.

Peter Learn
Peter Learn
National Accounts Manager
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