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Mining Recruitment

Staffinity was born in a mining town that bred a large spin off manufacturing sector. Mining employed 30,000+ people at its peak in Sudbury and is now down to roughly 2500.

Mining Recruitment

Mining Recruitment

From the boom and bust cycle of mining to the challenges of the industry to the advances in technology and health and safety, Staffinity knows mining.

Mining Dumper

We have worked with large clients across Canada to fulfill both short and long term positions. We have experience in sourcing for both open pit and underground.

A client in Saskatchewan desperately needed a Health and Safety Manager for their site to remain compliant.

They were using 15 recruiting agencies to fill the position and it had been open for months. Due to our strong industry ties and our knowledge of the client site and culture we sent one resume.

This candidate remains with the company today and is managing EH&S for several sites.

Our many years of direct mining recruitment expereience, combined with an extensive inventory of pre-qualified, highly skilled full-time and temporary candidates enables us to meet your specific needs.

Mining Jobs

Our mining candidates include ...

  • Confined Space Rescuer and Attendants
  • Undergound Miners
  • Health and Safety Manager and Representatives
  • Lab Technicians
  • Mine Planners
  • Mill Managers

Our bilingual recruitment services include ...

  • Temporary employees for filling short-term positions
  • Permanent long-term staffing assignments
  • Payroll services
Big Nickel Mine

What can Staffinity's recruitment services provide?

  • Help to meet short and long-term needs
  • Talent management
  • Option of hiring permanent
  • Quick response time when the need to hire is critical
  • Help with opening a new facility
  • Replacement of existing employees
  • Working with cost constraints and time demands
  • Reduction in overtime cost
  • Decreasing your company’s overall recruitment cost
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Handling all employee payroll government remittances
  • Replacement guarantee

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