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Financial Recruitment

Employment in the Canadian Financial Services Industry has grown more than 20 percent while other major North American financial centers have stalled.

Financial Recruitment

Financial Services Recruitment

Canada has one of the soundest banking systems in the world and is home to several of the largest banks in that system. The country is also a global center for expertise in risk and asset management and industry financing.

From the frontline to the financial statement Staffinity has account specialists with the industry knowledge and experience to fill your key positions.

Financial Services Jobs

Our financial services candidates include ...

  • Tellers
  • Personal Financial Advisors
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Loan Officers
  • Collectors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Finance Directors
  • Administrative Coordinators

Our ability to collaborate and clearly understand your corporate vision, combined with an extensive inventory of pre-qualified, highly skilled full-time and temporary candidates will allow us to make sure we cover and strictly consider experience as well as reputation during the qualification process.

Our bilingual recruitment services include ...

  • Temporary employees for filling short-term positions
  • Permanent long-term staffing assignments
  • Payroll services
Financial Industry Future

What can Staffinity's recruitment services provide?

  • Help to meet short and long-term needs
  • Talent management
  • Option of hiring permanent
  • Quick response time when the need to hire is critical
  • Help with opening a new facility
  • Replacement of existing employees
  • Working with cost constraints and time demands
  • Reduction in overtime cost
  • Decreasing your company’s overall recruitment cost
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Handling all employee payroll government remittances
  • Replacement guarantee

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