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In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving employment sector, time, resources, culture and commitment all play fundamental roles in any successful recruitment initiative.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

To address the reality of these challenges and create efficiencies that produce tangible results, we have developed an effective process to pinpoint opportunities based on industry knowledge, targeted geographical focus, interorganizational communication and by automating our recruitment technology.

Identifying, locating and attracting the best candidate for you is our primary goal. We partner with, and act as an extension of your company every step of the process.

Why use a recruiter?

Our bilingual recruitment services include ...

  • Temporary employees for filling short-term positions
  • Permanent long-term staffing assignments
  • Payroll Services

Why choose a recruiter?

  • Save Time
  • More Qualified Candidates
  • Lower Stress
  • Improved Retention
  • Positions Filled Faster
  • Better Vetting Process

We have earned our national reputation over many years of hard work, consist results, proactive relationships built with Hiring Managers and Human Resource Professionals, and our commitment to quality and ethical business practices. This, combined with an extensive inventory of pre-qualified, highly skilled full-time and temporary candidates enables us to meet your requirements quickly and precisely.

Recruitment Services

What can Staffinity's recruitment services provide?

  • Help to meet short and long-term needs
  • Talent management
  • Option of hiring permanent
  • Quick response time when the need to hire is critical
  • Help with opening a new facility
  • Replacement of existing employees
  • Working with cost constraints and time demands
  • Reduction in overtime cost
  • Decreasing your company’s overall recruitment cost
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Handling all employee payroll government remittances
  • Replacement guarantee

Payroll Services

Staffinity payroll service allows you to utilize our established system to pay individuals sourced directly or indirectly. Our process is seamless and convenient for both you and the employee. Having individuals on our payroll also gives you protection as we are the employer of record. Many of our clients have realized the benefits of using our payroll services:

  • Temporary staff — short term assignment without having the individual(s) on your payroll
  • Head count — you need to hire someone you sourced directly, but you have to keep your head count down and cannot put them on your payroll
  • Retired employees — recall retired employees for special projects
  • Downsized employees — utilize past employees for special projects

At Staffinity, we assist small, medium and large businesses in employing the top talent that is needed to drive forward key business objectives. Whether the position is entry level or senior management, Staffinity will ensure you are hiring the best candidate for the role.

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