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Staffing News
September 1st - 2022

Bilingual French is a key hiring factor for Toronto-based companies

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Staffing News

Posted By : Peter Learn
September 1st, 2022

Bilingual French is a key hiring factor for Toronto-based companies.

Toronto is home to a large percentage of Canadian head office locations that require highly skilled and trained bilingual French employees.

Toronto Requirement - Bilingual French

Many French speaking job seekers consider French as a primary consideration when looking for new employment and long-term opportunities. They have worked hard to obtain their language skills and want to stay current.

Bilingual can mean different things to different people and there are some important questions to ask for both the job seeker and company:

  • What level of spoken French is needed? Are conversations scripted or more free-form? Who is the customer?
  • What level of written French is needed? Will the person be writing emails or proposal documents? Is there translation involved?
  • What type of French? Do you need French from Quebec? Will French from other countries like France, Congo and Mauritius work for your clientele?

Staffinity works with a Client who had felt strongly that they needed Quebec French for a key support position in their organization. We reviewed the role in detail together, discussing the types of calls (call queue, length, QA) to get a better understanding.

After thorough analysis it became clear to the Staffinity team that only 20% of the daily calls would be French only, which was less than 5% from the Quebec area.

Upon compiling and presenting the results, the client decided to hire a new employee with a Parisian French background in a short turnaround, and the employee is now a valued Team Lead.

Staffinity knows the bilingual job marketplace. We have a deep, passive talent pool of qualified bilingual candidates in the GTA built up over many years in the industry. We can quickly and effectively match bilingual professionals with industry leading companies.

Peter Learn
Peter Learn
National Accounts Manager
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