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Staffing News
June 1st - 2022

When you ask the 'Right' Questions, you will
acquire the 'Right' Client.

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Staffing News

Posted By : Chantelle Morin
June 1st, 2022

When you ask the 'Right' Questions, you will acquire the 'Right' Client ...

As we all know our business is very competitive. We often work for free on a search unless our candidate is hired. Conducting a search properly can be both time consuming and expensive. Clients expect (as well they should) fast, efficient and effective service. Candidates should be met and screened.

Their skills should be tested and their references checked. Interview scheduling and offer negotiation should be handled quickly and professionally. What should we as Account Managers expect in return?

Asking The Right Questions Recruitment

Here is a list of questions that I often use in deciding if a prospective client will be one that I can build a relationship with. These questions assume that you know the company uses agencies and that the type of recruiting that your company does will be a good match.

  • At what stage are you at in your search?
  • Have you exhausted your own internal resources or are you looking for comparison candidates?
  • Where and how have you advertised for your position?
  • What has been missing in the candidates that you have seen?
  • How long does It generally take to complete the hiring cycle for a placement at this level and what is the procedure?
  • Once a candidate has been presented how quickly can I expect feedback?
  • Are you open to me pushing back after a "no" if I feel strongly about the skill set?
  • Can I call you on your cell phone if an issue is time sensitive?

Staffinity's ability to collaborate and clearly understand your corporate requirements, combined with an extensive inventory of pre-qualified, highly skilled full-time and temporary candidates, will make sure we cover and strictly consider experience as well as reputation during the qualification process.

Happy hunting!

Chantelle Morin
Chantelle Morin
Bilingual Account Manager
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