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Through collective discussion and brainstorming with both employers and candidates, we have established a measurable bilingual staffing and recruitment services process that is the key ingredient for a successful and sustainable hiring initiative.

Our Humble Beginnings

Our Humble Beginnings

There had to be a better way ...

Years of Bilingual Recruitment & Staffing Service industry experience had left us tired and longing for a proactive and realistic solution. Larger agencies warehousing candidates for non-existent jobs and companies using a contingency firm for "comparison" purposes with no real need for the service, was not helping either candidates, or employers.

Our experience had taught us that open, honest and collaborative conversations with both clients and job seekers was the key. Giving candidates the real information about the job and being upfront with clients about capacity and timelines led to better quality placements, and longevity. This put more money in everyone's pocket.

Staffinity started with a Rolodex, a phone and 15 years of industry experience. There were no big money investors and no big launches, just 2 people solving problems. Our very first client did retrofits for large retail chains. They gave us the difficult, last minute jobs that the larger firms either couldn't, or would not take on.

Staffinity Collaboration

From PEI to Prince George, we isolated and provided licensed tradespeople for overnight shifts in difficult markets under almost non-existent timelines on our payroll. Our fill-rate was over 95%, and our fall off rate in the first eight months was one person.

Since that time, we have grown to eight industry focused staffing consultants in four major markets. Staffinity now acts as a valued business partner to companies across North America.

Collectively ... we made a better way.

Our team of sincere bilingual recruitment service professionals are standing by to help streamline your hiring process in order to achieve your long-term business objectives.

We welcome the opportunity to work hard on your behalf, and look forward to future opportunities.

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