The never ending hire (or analysis paralysis and what it costs your company)

There seems to me a trend emerging in the hiring cycle of many companies. The average time to hire has gone 2-4 weeks to several months and sometimes even longer. The process used to involve two to three interviews with key people and has now progressed to six, seven, even eight plus interviews for the same job. In this time of economic insecurity employers want to make sure that they are hiring the “right” person for the job but what are the costs associated with a drawn out hire?


Losing good people

Even in tougher economic times great candidates do not stay on the market for ever. Keeping someone on hold for months solely for comparative purposes often means losing the candidate and having to start all over.  Seeing dozens of people for a position often muddies the waters. It becomes difficult to remember gut feelings and initial impressions that are key in making the right hiring decision.


Creating mistrust

Nobody wants to be second fiddle. When a candidate is considering dedicating their working life to ensuring the success of your business they want to feel that the level of commitment is mutual. By drawing out a process too long you are sending a clear message to a job seeker that they are “okay” but you are just not sure if they are “great”.


Reduced productivity

An open position can affect productivity in several ways. The neglected duties and responsibilities of the position that needs filling directly affect productivity. Several people need to be involved in the hiring process.  Time spent by them recruiting is time spent away from other important duties.


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